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The department of Civil Engineering has well equipped 12 laboratories with a total investment of Rs.2.88 Crore. The laboratories are provided with major sophisticated equipments like Structure Scan Mini 3D (Concrete Scanner), Horizontal and Vertical shake tables, Advanced Digital Survey Equipment (Total Stations), GIS/GPS, Universal Testing Machines (60T and 100T capacity), Compression Testing Machines (100, 200 & 300T capacity), Loading Frame (100T capacity), Electrical Heating Furnace (1000oC), California Bearing Ratio, Slope Stability Model etc.


Major Laboratory Equipment

Sr. No. Name of the laboratory Name of the important equipment
1. Applied Mechanics Lab Digital Support reaction, Bell crank lever, Inclined Plane Friction apparatus
Centroid  Apparatus, Digital Roof truss
2. Material Testing Lab UTM-60T, Digital UTM-100T, CTMs (100, 200&300 T),NDT Equipments: Digital Rebound hammer, Core cutter, UPV,
Structure Scan Mini 3D (Concrete Scanner)
3. Soil Mechanics Lab Unconfined Compression Test set up
Standard penetration test
4. Environmental Engg. Lab UV VIS Spectrophometer
Incubator, Digital PH meter
5. Surveying Lab High precision Total Station
Arc GIS and Terramodel software
6. Geology Lab Earth Resistivity Meter with Depth penetration capacity up to 300m
7. Transportation Engg. Lab Advanced Dynamic Cone penetrometer
Digital Marshall stability
8. Computer Lab Equipped with Computing Machines of latest configuration
Latest software’s for civil engineering
9. Structural Engg Lab (PG–Str. Engg) Loading Frame of 100 T capacity Electrical Muffle Furnace Shake table
10.    Structural Dynamics Lab. (PG–Str. Engg)
11.    Software Lab (PG-CM) Equipped with Computing Machines of latest configuration. Latest software’s for Project Management
12.    Research Lab (PG) 
13.    Project Lab
14.    Plumbing Lab (Industry Sponsored Lab)

Working models of Water supply and Drainage (with various plumbing fixtures)

List of Software (UG/PG)

  • AutoCAD 2017- Building planning and drawing
  • STAAD PRO V8i- Analysis and design of civil engineering structures
  • FEAST Academic Version- Developed by ISRO, used for structural and heat transfer analysis.
  • ANSYS /ABAQUS (shared with other dept) - Modeling and analysis of civil structural elements and visualizing analysis result.
  • Primavera Contractor- Project planning control monitoring and reporting
  • Arc GIS- to capture, analyze, manipulate, store, manage and present every type of geographical data. GIS in civil engineering provides a dominant location to conduct longitudinal analysis overlay data and assimilate other solutions systems.