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Funded Research Projects

Sr. No. Academic year Name of co-ordinator Title of project Sponsored by Amount sanctioned Rs.
1 2021-22 Dr. S. S. Kumbhar Grant for Study Tour of ATAL Tunnel under the AICTE Youth Undertaking Visit for acquiring knowledge (YUVAK) Scheme 2,00,000.00
2 2020-21 Dr. S. S. Kumbhar Advanced sewage treatment by using polymer and graphene coated filter system Seed Funding Scheme 30,000.00
3 2020-21 Dr. Mrs. S S Kulkarni Design & Development of 3D concrete printing machine Seed Funding Scheme 46,000.00
4 2020-21 Prof. M M Maske Experimental Study of Deformation Characteristics of Soil Reinforced with Bamboo and End of Life Tyre i.e. ELT Geocell under Uniaxial Compression. Seed Funding Scheme 27,000.00
5 2019-20 Dr. P D Kumbhar Modernization of Structural Engineering Laboratory AICTE (MODROB –RURAL) 14,54,342.00
6 2019-20 Prof. A. M. Jamadar Investigation for Moment Carrying Capacity of Castellated Beam Under Effect of Distortional Buckling Shivaji University Kolhapur, Under Research Initiation Scheme 2,80,000.00
7 2018-19 Dr. P S Patil Investigation of innovative bracing system for steel frame structures Seed Funding Scheme 12,000.00
8 2017-18 Dr. P S Patil Experimental Study on Behaviour of RCC structures for wind load of geometric shapes Seed Funding Scheme 20,000.00
9 2017-18 Prof. S K More Experimental analysis/study of slope stabilization Seed Funding Scheme 30,000.00
10 2016-17 Dr. P D Kumbhar Concrete Technology AICTE (MODROB) 16,87,000.00
11 2016-17 Prof. D S Patil & Prof. D B Kulkarni Development of automated slope and depth detection TEQIP/Seed Funding Scheme 1,50,000.00
External proposal Rs. 36,21,342.00
Inhouse proposal Rs. 3,15,000.00
Total Amount Rs. 39,36,342.00